Fact vs Fiction: Vanity Toll-Free Phone Numbers

fact vs fiction

Show your clients why bringing advertising in-house is a bad idea and why you’re the pro with access to Ignition’s vanity numbers.

“A new report from the Society of Digital Agencies, a network for marketing professionals, found that the share of brands claiming that they don’t work with any agencies at all doubled this year, to 27 percent.” – digiday.com

There has been an increasing trend of advertising clients moving work in-house. More and more, clients are side-stepping advertising agencies to work directly with production companies and media companies – which generally lack the expertise and creativity of ad agencies. Media companies are cutting out ad agencies and going after clients in order to increase their profits – with the promise of saving them money.

Technology makes it easier for clients to attempt to market themselves without the involvement of an advertising agency by using blogs, social media, or buying their own ads online. However, clients typically do not understand the nuances of different types of media and lack the tools and knowledge to market their businesses effectively.

Agencies must find new ways to seize the attention of new clients and offer unique opportunities to existing clients. One of those ways is offering access to the catalog of unforgettable numbers from Ignition Toll-Free. Agencies that work with Ignition can show their clients that they have access to specialized products and pricing that they simply cannot get on their own.

We work with agencies to find the right vanity number for their clients. Agencies that would like to know more can contact us here, or call us at 1-800-Strong-Sales.

Partial Mnemonics / Partial Vanity Numbers – Dangerous for your bottom line

A bad number affects your bottom line more than you realize. It can hurt your business now and later.

We have premium affordable vanity numbers for both roofing and vein treatment, so we see numbers like 1-800-445-ROOF and 1-844-654-VEIN all the time. These numbers do nothing for the businesses that use them. This is because the consumer ends up only remembering the word and forgetting the numbers, so they only remember 800-something-ROOF or something-something-VEIN. The opportunity to acquire a new customer is now either lost or the consumer is forced to go online and search for contact info where they will undoubtedly run into all of the competitors of that business. In addition, the entire point of using a memorable number to put the consumer in direct and immediate contact with the business is lost since they don’t remember the number.

The second and potentially more devastating result is not as apparent, but in the long-term this results in an erosion of brand identity. When a business uses 1-800-543-VEIN and another uses 248-655-VEIN and another uses 888-332-VEIN it all starts to blur together to the consumer.

See for yourself. These are some examples of businesses in the same market competing for the same customers:

IMG_0952IMG_0944elite vein2

Now doesn’t 1-800-VEIN-DOC really stand out from the rest? 

1-800-VEIN-DOC metro vein


Doing it the right way: Taylor Door’s continued success using a vanity number

Vanity numbers are common sense marketing tools. In order for them to work you need to include them in your marketing and in your business. Our friends at Taylor Door understand this. That’s why they are one of the most successful Door companies in Metro Detroit.  They’ve have had their vanity number for years and continue to have success because they’ve made it part of their brand. Everybody knows Taylor Door’s number in Metro Detroit.  Check them out at www.800-newdoor.com 


Taylor Door Taylor Door card

Vanity numbers are so valuable in India thieves dupe unsuspecting victims into purchasing fake ones

Take a look at this article: http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/chandigarh/crime/two-booked-on-charge-of-fraud/173099.html

The article states “Two persons were booked for duping local residents on the pretext of providing them vanity mobile numbers of different telecommunication companies.”

Like a Coke, music or a smile, some things are universally understood, and being unforgettable is one of them!

Call Ignition at 1-800-STRONG-SALES to make your business unforgettable in 2016.

Even the US Government knows vanity toll-free phone numbers are better!

We are pretty vocal in telling people that vanity toll-free phone numbers are effective and used in every industry imaginable. But did you know that even our own Military loves using them?

Just look around and you’ll see that Uncle Sam understands the importance of being unforgettable. And he doesn’t even have competition!





What’s up with Vanity Numbers that have more than Seven Digits?

The traditional telephone number format is seven digits plus three for the area code, like (555) 555-5555 but with vanity numbers you can see a number like 1-888-Carpet-Care. So not including the area code, how can a number be longer than seven digits?

People today are comfortable with dialing vanity toll-free phone numbers but sometimes a person will ask us how a number can have more than seven digits. The answer is they don’t. When you see a vanity phone number with more than seven it’s only so that you can remember it (i.e., 1-800-PROGRESSIVE). Everything dialed after the 7th digit does not matter.

On a landline, when you dial a number and enter in the digits after the 7th one the call will still be connected and the phone line will begin trilling (the sound you hear while you are waiting for the other party to answer the phone).

On a cell phone you can enter all the digits before pressing call/send and the call will still be connected. For example, if you saw 1-800-More-Sleep being advertised and called 1-800-667-375337, your call would still be connected. Everything after the 7th digit is irrelevant to the handling and processing of your call.

The big advertisers across the country have done their research and their test groups. They know people are more than comfortable dialing vanity numbers and they know how important it is to stand out from the competition and get more calls off every piece of advertising they do.

Here are some examples of companies using numbers over 7 digits long:

800 Progressive Phone Number

800 Sleep Number


800 Lumber Liquidators Logo

Long Phone Numbers

Fencing contractors are marketing themselves more effectively

When we went to the Fencing Industry Trade Show, Fence Tech, we were told that over the years the Fencing industry has not changed all that much. There might be new materials and machinery introduced but for the most part you install fencing the same way it always has been done. So when we brought 1-888-FENCING there we got a lot of questions and piqued a whole lot of peoples’ curiosity.

We wanted to show the industry that there is a better way to sell fencing by using 1-888-FENCING. We had several people sign up and they have enjoyed significantly more calls and referrals because they chose to use a truly unforgettable marketing phone number. One of our clients told us that they saw a 13 to 1 return from 1-888-FENCING.

Here are some examples of our clients using 1-888-FENCING to dominate their markets.


budget 1 fence marketing

Fence Sign

McGee - 2015 Billboard

1-888-FENCING - McGee Trailer
budget1 fence building


WSJ Article Highlights Importance of the Phone and How Talking to Customers Increases their Lifetime Value

Here at Ignition we put our phones down once in awhile to read the Wall Street Journal.  Yesterday’s article titled “The Customer-Service Quandary: Touchy Feely or Do It Yourself?” brought up some great points we emphasize when we speak to businesses that are considering licensing a vanity number from us.

The article does a good job of differentiating between why some companies are pushing customers away from the phone and other’s are pushing them towards it. Ultimately the reason companies don’t make their phone numbers readily available is because they are trying to reduce cost. They feel that customers will tolerate reduced customer service in exchange for saving some money. Not having a number conveniently accessible to your customers often creates a frustrating experience and risks that customer’s business.

Here are some highlights from the article:

  • We’re actually trying to figure out how to get customers to call us more often,” says Tony Hsieh, chief executive of Zappos, which is legendary for being a customer-service operation that happens to sell shoes. “Our goal is by the time the customer gets off the phone, it’s like they’ve made a new friend.”
  • Zappos’ phone number is on every page of its website. One reason, says Mr. Hsieh, is that the lifetime value of a customer who calls the company for any reason is five to six times as much as the value of a customer who never calls.
  • …for lean retail startups growing at an exponential pace, it’s easier to acquire new customers than to worry about those who might be alienated by a lack of customer service.
  • that in the age of social media, any customer-service interaction, good or bad, can go viral.

Show your customers you care by having an unforgettable vanity phone number and put it everywhere!

Check out the article HERE.


Metro Vein enjoys successful multi-state campaign with 1-800-VEIN-DOC

We have clients in both the USA and Canada, so we don’t always get to see our clients marketing efforts until they send them to us. It is a real treat to be able to see some local clients successfully using their vanity numbers to dominate our market. Turning on the TV and seeing one of our clients commercials or driving past a billboard with one of our unforgettable numbers emblazoned on it is a real treat for us. We wanted to give a nod to Metro Vein Centers for the great work they have been doing here in Metro Detroit and in Florida, Texas and soon New Jersey. If you need vein treatment for Varicose veins, give them a call at 1-800-VEIN-DOC!